Growing Squash on an A-Frame Trellis

Topic(s): Vertical Gardening


Some plants, especially vining ones, take up so much space it is difficult for those with confined space to grow them.  Oftentimes, when you run out of space, the best direction to grow is up.  This copper a-frame trellis is great for vining plants.  Growing on the pictured trellis is Butternut Squash, Thai Bottle Gourd, cucumbers, and African Horned melon.  Vertical growing also helps keep the plant and fruit off the ground, which allows for more air circulation and better health.  Periodically, I must help direct wayward vines up the trellis by moving them and gently placing their tendrils around the mesh attached to the trellis.


Could you elaborate a little more about why you put these particular plants together and how much space you actually allowed for each. I am building my own greenhouse dome and this might be just what I've been looking for to fill in the center of the my dome's planting area.
By: Ben Michaels on Mar 24

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